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Drag broadens its reach

By Thea Catipon Vancouver’s drag scene is full of new and old artists set out to make a living with their craft. The many drag queens, kings and things led to their expansion of drag to other areas – venturing into the workplace outside…

Studio 58 celebrates 58 years

By MILICA ANIC Nearly 60 years later, Studio 58 celebrates its 58th anniversary. During this anniversary celebration, Langara Studio 58 presents a blend of old and new production styles. Now, let's check out the behind-the-scenes work…

Vancouver dresses for dreary weather

By Hollie McGowan Vancouver has always been known as a rainy city. In recent weeks, the city has been experiencing an especially increased amount of rain. With weeks of perennial downfall, Vancouverites have had no choice but to sport…

Single-use plastics persist on campus

Langara College has saved over 2.2 million plastic bottles with the addition of water filling stations on campus, but specific initiatives to eliminate single-use plastics are vague in the school’s strategic plan.
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