Mixed feelings over food franchises in South Van

Wally's Burgers has been around Vancouver since 1962, five years before the first McDonald's opened its doors in B.C.


By Emily Lyth

South Vancouver businesses have been making way for international food chains and franchises for decades now. But as new franchises continue to appear over the years, some residents still prefer to eat local.

Jacquelyn Wilson Grattan has lived in the neighbourhood for almost 35 years. She says she enjoys the “colour” and “variety” that local businesses provide.

“There’s a lot of competing factors and issues for consumers now,” Wilson Grattan said. “There’s all this sort of moral weight about how we consume or don’t consume.”

Bret Garef, another South Vancouver resident, says that his family enjoys eating at franchises like Subway because they’re close to his home and have a set menu.

“I think it adds the ease of getting food that is familiar to me,” Garef said.

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