Making cycling a more accessible mode of transportation in Vancouver

Cycling's affordability pedals conversation for new bike lanes


By Etuviere Mrakpor

The Transport 2050 proposal aims on growing the active bike lanes to 850 kilometres of better connected lanes, more bike lockers and parkades for people commuting mainly by bike, decrease the need for car dependency and push for a greener Vancouver.

“The pilot that’s underway now is to make them more on demand.” said Rex Hodgins, Systems Plans Manager at TransLink.

Lower speed limits have also been advised in order to increase the amount of people that feel safe while on their commutes.

HUB Cycling’s Chair for the Vancouver/UBC region, Jeff Leigh says the municipality wants to change the speed limits from 50km/h to 30km/h but is unable to do so due to the BC Motor Vehicle Act.

“The province has made it almost impossible to do so.”

Sustaining active transportation also means making bike share more widely accessible.

“I’ve long felt that Langara and that part of town would really benefit from a bike share install.” said Vancouver City Councillor, Pete Fry.

Watch the full video below to learn more.


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