Young entrepreneurs find success through food trucks

An unexpected business trend emerges due to the pandemic


By Hollie McGowan

Some young entrepreneurs are turning to food trucks as a viable business — capitalizing on the voids and opportunities created by the pandemic.

Social distancing and an uncertain future initially caused a drop in food truck services at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Jason Faria, owner of the Greater Vancouver Food Truck Festival, the declining number of food truck businesses caused many owners to sell their trucks at a discounted rate. But as quarantine measures lightened up, Faria noticed a 20 per cent increase in new trucks over the past year.

Faria said this is because food trucks are a more pandemic-friendly food service alternative to restaurants.

“They are outside, they are low contact as opposed to a restaurant where you are seated indoors near people,” Faria said.

Opportunities seized

Chris Hyungki Bang, who now owns a food truck, Bang Tastee’s, said when he was looking to start his business before the pandemic, there weren’t a lot of food trucks for sale — but that has since changed.

“During the pandemic, a lot of food trucks were on the market so I grabbed one of them for a cheap price,” said Hyungki Bang.

As the food truck business has become somewhat easier to break into, the industry is witnessing a wider demographic enter the field.

Kelly Chau, owner of The Brownie Bakers, also opened up a food truck business during the pandemic.

Chau said even though many have jumped on the baking bandwagon, not many were baking brownies. That void, she said, translated into a business opportunity, one that hasn’t always been easy.

“I joke that I went from a 9 to 5 to now working 24/7,” Chau said. “But that’s what happens when you work for yourself.”

As young entrepreneurs are turning to food trucks as a business opportunity since the pandemic, Faria said this trend will continue and there are lots of ways that food trucks will be able to thrive in the future.

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