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Langara’s cafeteria lacks nutritional facts

“Where hungry minds gather” might be the mission statement of the company that provides dining services at Langara, yet for years, students have been starved of knowing what ingredients go into the food they are being served.

New food ordering app aims to cut lunch lineups

Reported by Darren Amner The Boost app, new on campus, launched earlier this semester. Boost allows you to order food on your phone, and pickup directly from designated zones. So far, students can use Boost at Tim Hortons, Triple O's,…

Metro Vancouver looks to go green with wastes

Metro Vancouver will introduce a ban on the disposal of organic materials into landfills in 2015 that will affect local businesses, residents and Langara College. More than one million tonnes of garbage every year The region currently…

New clubs give students choices

The Langara Toastmasters and the Foodie Club are two of the newest clubs at Langara College, and each are offering unique experiences for students. The Langara Toastmasters Club is looking to help people improve their public speaking and…