Video: Student public art in progress for Langara SkyTrain station

Tina Nguyen along with a team of students are working with metal to create a impractical floor plan


Reported by Kathryn Tindale

Langara College gives students the opportunity to create a public art project as part of the fine arts program in partnership with InTransit BC.

Langara students created the piece called “As the Crow Flies” last year which is currently up at Langara-49th Avenue SkyTrain station.

This year, Tina Nguyen’s project was chosen to be displayed at the Langara-49th SkyTrain station in June.

She will work with other students to complete a six square-metres floor plan art installation inspired by living in the city.

Graphic rendering by Tina Nguyen

“It plays into this idea of living spaces in big cities, where the most important thing really is the city, rather than the place you come home to. The city is your home,” said Nguyen.

Her piece is a bird’s-eye view of an apartment with extremely limited space making it impossible to live.

Unless you’re looking for a bathtub in the kitchen.

Nguyen is responsible for managing the project and planning out an eight-week workflow schedule with a budget of $1,000. She orders the materials, oversees the progress and build the layout with her peers.

In this behind the scenes video Tina Nguyen showcases work on her public art installation.

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