Meditation teacher offers free meditation classes

Students can benefit from meditation if they are willing to put in the work


Reported by Mathilda de Villiers

Meditation has been proven to help people stay centered and focused in times of stress, according to a local teacher of the practice.

Sunil Khatri offers free meditation classes every Tuesday on Main Street and 64th Avenue. He teaches a practice called Sahaja Yoga meditation, which stems from ancient India. Sahaja means ‘born within’ and refers to the practice of using self-realization as a guide.

According to Khatri, meditation teaches you how to be more productive and react to situations differently, making it a valuable tool for stressed students.

“In less time, you could achieve more,” he said.

Sunil Khatri seated in a meditative pose activating the energy before his meditation class at WorkSafe B.C.. Photo by Mathilda de Villiers
Beneficial for students

For students who lead busy lives and think they don’t have time to meditate, it can be incorporated as easily as showering or brushing teeth.  According to Khatri, five or ten minutes a day is enough for the practice to have benefits.

“Shower is for the external body, and meditation is for your internal cleaning,” he said.

Megha Mohan has been attending Khatri’s classes for about two months, and she said it has already made a difference.

“I am a lot more calm than I used to be. I used to be very reactive to situations, and took everything personally,” she said.

Mohan believes students can benefit from meditation if they are willing to try it, but you can’t force people into it.

“It has to come from within,” she said.

Langara’s view

Linda Turner, manager of health and human services at Langara College, offers two mindfulness courses through continuing studies that teach meditation practices. For Turner, the benefits are essential.

“Usually our minds are busy with a lot of chatter, and not necessarily accurate or a reflection of reality,” she said.

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