Animals of the Chinese Zodiac Welcome the Year of the Dog

Depending of what your Chinese zodiac sign is, the year of the dog can determine how lucky or unlucky you will be.


Reported by Ana Rose Walkey

Chinese New Year celebrations

With Lunar New Year festivities coming to a close, Langara’s The Voice explored what the year of the dog means for different Chinese zodiac signs at a South Vancouver event.

The Victoria Drive Business Improvement Association has been putting a Lunar New Year event on in conjunction with local businesses for 10 years. This year, the Feb. 17 event featured lion dancing and the sharing of luck and prosperity.

Are you lucky this year of the dog?

The Chinese zodiac is calculated based on one’s year of birth, with a repeating 12-year cycle, while the Western zodiac is based on 12 of the constellations through which the sun passes throughout the year and the Earth’s relationship to these groups of stars in the sky.

The year of the dog means something different for each Chinese zodiac sign.

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