Young Vancouver comedians find cure at Langara stand-up comedy clinic

'Make us laugh and not think'- Colin Mochrie


By Hannah Snider 

It has been a tough two years for the creative world. One of the largest enterprises to take a hit was the Vancouver comedy scene.  The few comedy clubs which did exist, had to close their doors temporarily, but unfortunately some did not survive the shut down.  Comedians took a new path to expressing their work, and pursued podcasts, Zoom shows, or livestream performances.

Lots of shows happening during a weird time

Alistair Ogden has been a comedian for five years. Ogden says that comedy in Vancouver is a bizarre time, because there are no comedy clubs.  There is an opportunity to perform at some open mic nights, or comedy feature nights in local bars.

David Granirer is a local comedian and registered counsellor in Vancouver.  Founder of ‘Stand Up For Mental Health’, Granirer is also the instructor for the a Stand-up comedy clinic held at Langara, which is part of the continuing studies program.   Granirer says that lots of places are putting on good shows now, and that the clinic is an opportunity for aspiring comedians to have a supportive space to share their jokes.

Langara alumni, Colin Mochrie, from ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ and Prime Canada’s ‘Last One Laughing’, held Zoom performances for his shows during the time theatres were closed.  Mochrie says that it was especially difficult on stand ups, but he is looking forward to what young comedians are bringing to the comedy world.



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