Kung Fu Class to Hit Big Screen

A film company is collaborating with a new kung fu class to give students a dynamic experience


Reported by Desirée Garcia

The students and teacher of a new kung fu choreography class are collaborating with a group of independent filmmakers to create a kung fu short film.

The class, called Acting Kung Fu, began in early January at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre in South Vancouver, and is taught by Sifu Matthias Klenk of Immortal Dragon Vancouver kung fu school.

Jimi Stewart, founder of The Vancouver B Movie Factory, approached Klenk with an idea to have his team film Klenk’s last day of class, giving both groups a chance to gain experience and have fun.

“I saw it as a great opportunity for his students to actually see their work become a reality in a film [and] I saw a great opportunity for my gang members to have an inspiration for a film,” Stewart said.

A niche but necessary skill

Klenk, who had planned on filming his class’s project himself before The B Movie Factory asked to join forces, said his class gives actors the basic skills needed to perform dramatic martial arts scenes on film. This is a skill that Klenk believes is underserved in Vancouver.

“There are some stunt classes which are super expensive and I also do a little basic stunt stuff, like how to fall correctly, like basic action-reaction when you punch someone or kick,” Klenk said.

“There’s not much variety in the field right now and that’s why I did this class.”

Kung-fu inspires

As a filmmaker, himself, Klenk believes the portrayal of kung fu on the big screen is not only thrilling but inspiring.

“With kung fu movies, it sounds a little bit silly, but they always have something they want to teach you,” Klenk said.

“If you work hard you can get somewhere or can do something. You have to be brave.”

Camera ready moves

Student Rob Godfrey said he was looking forward to debuting his new skills on filming day.

“Anything that will look cool or flashy for the camera,” Godfrey said of the techniques he’s learned, adding that it was the process that was most meaningful.

“It’s been very, very cool, just meeting Matthias and training with him.”



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