Words for Birds: City of Vancouver seeking official city bird


Reported by Anna Tilley and Ashley Singh 

In this video, editors Anna Tilley and Ashley Singh speak to Vancouverites on which bird they think will suit Vancouver best, and Lorrie Wager from the park board on the Words for Birds inquiry.

The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board is reaching out to residents for input on what should be the city’s official bird through an inquiry called Words for Birds.

Through Words for Birds, participants will answer an online questionnaire. The questions and answers should reflect characteristics of Vancouverites and the city, and the official bird will be one that Vancouverites see around them, helping residents learn and appreciate our native species.

After the questionnaire closes, bird experts will collect the answers and match them to the best-suited birds for the job. Once those best-suited finalists are chosen, residents will then get to vote to decide the winner.

If you want to have your say on which winged friend will be victorious, flock to the city’s website and give your words for the bird by Nov. 27.


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