Voice Radio Ep. 46 – “The Kitchen,” a new old play for Langara’s Studio 58

Studio 58 repurposes a 1957 play, trying to preserve the spirit of the script, updating it for younger generations.


By Andrea Dante

Studio 58, the theatre training school at Langara College, is working on a new production. The play, which will be performed from March 30th to April 9th, is The Kitchen, a drama written in 1957 by Arnold Wesker.

The play is set in the kitchen of a London restaurant during the post Second World War period. The play’s characters are forced to work in a cosmopolitan environment with people they had fought only a few years ago during the war.

These workers try to do their best to survive in the new world, but the toxic work environment affects their lives more deeply than they realize.

These themes, according to the director Amiel Gladstone, make the play still relevant. However, the director decided to revisit the text to make it more modern.

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