Voice Podcast 11: Survey aims to snuff out smoking at Langara

Voice editors talk to faculty and students on potential smoking ban on campus


Produced by Tanner Bokor

Should smoking be snuffed out on college grounds, or should it be allowed in designated areas on campus? That’s the question Langara administrators are asking to faculty and students in a campus-wide survey on a future smoking ban at the college.

On this week’s edition of The Voice weekly podcast, we recap our top five stories appearing in print and online. Later in the show, we look at how a class project by a group of Langara nursing students has led to a campus-wide discussion on ending smoking on the main campus. We speak with the chair of Langara’s health sciences department, Garyen Chong, on what led to the push for the ban and why it’s needed. We also speak with students about their reactions to the ban.

Music courtesy of Bensound

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