Video: Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre plans for the future

Construction may not start until 2023


By Mandy Moon

As neighbourhoods expand, so too does the necessity for accommodating facilities. 

A Needs Assessment was presented to the Parks Board Commissioner on March 12, 2018. Although talk of development and community centre enhancement has been mentioned as early as 2012 in a Marpole Community Plan. The public survey and Needs Assessment identified the desire for more outdoor play space for children, walking and jogging paths, and performance space.

Future development for Oak Park has officially gone underway with the announcement of the Oak Park Schematic Plan. The new development includes the addition of a larger community centre and outdoor swimming pool. 

The intention is to minimize disruption to existing park facilities, minimize exposure to Oak Street noise pollution, and maximize space for organized sports.

Concerns have been raised that the proposed new development would extend much further beyond existing boundaries, resulting in significant removal of existing trees and green spaces.


Mandy Moon attended the community centre’s 70th birthday on November 9, and spoke with Vancouver Park Board Commissioner John Irwin.

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