Video: Campus resources help students with midterm stress

Getting support is paramount to maintain mental health


Produced by Maxim Fossey

As midterm season is wrapping up at Langara College, students may find resources across campus if they find themselves stressed.

Paola Ardiles, founder of Bridge for Health, says that mental health often is caused by a multiple number of factors, in school, stress being one of them, but there are also other areas in our lives that are impacted.

“Before students get to the midterm place, it’s really a good idea to think about ‘how do I find some balance in my life’ ‘how do I find the resources and supports that I need to stay healthy’, before you get into a really stressful situation,” said Ardiles.

Reba Noel, manager of student engagement at VOLT says The Hub can offer services for students who may need help around this period.

“Our team is very knowledgeable about what’s available on campus, so quite often we have just conversations with students and we are able to recommend speaking with a counsellor, checking out with the learning commons, or seeing the academic help centre as well,” said Noel.

VOLT also distributes wellness kits to students on campus during De-stress Fest, an event that is organized the last week of classes and the first week of exams.

“The wellness kits are designed to give students a little ‘pick me up’ pack, they contain some of the things that might need to help them get through the next two weeks.”

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