Video: Behind the scenes at Southlands Heritage Farm

It takes more than a pumpkin patch to make this farm run smoothly


Produced by Mathilda de Villiers

At Southlands Heritage Farm in South Vancouver, the popular and sought-after pumpkin patch that they run annually is far from being their main source of income.

Running a farm requires many hands and a lot of hard work, according to their master farmer, Alexander Kaiser. He said that without the volunteers, the operations would not run as smoothly and the farm would not be able to survive as it does.

Host to many summer camps, riding camps and educational workshops, the farm owner has been managing it for roughly a decade. Jennifer Maynard said that although it is a lot of hard work and can at times become exhausting it remains a lot of fun.

Their main source of income comes from the riding school and other camps that they run at the farm, located on 6767 Balaclava Street in South Vancouver, only a 20 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver.

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