Vancouver Dodgeball League dives into local charities

The largest dodgeball league in the world looks to promote community as well as dodgeball at the same time


Reported by Adam Levi

When Jasper Lau joined the Vancouver Dodgeball League he had no idea it would become such a big part of his life.

Lau was recruited to the VDL by a friend.

“She got me into the league. We played once and I was hooked and then I started adding more nights every week,” Lau said.

In the beginning there was dodgeball

In 2004, six friends came together with an idea: they wanted to play dodgeball. Their former schools were willing to host them and their friends on Tuesday nights. Today, over 2,000 dodgeball players on more than 260 teams play at various gymnasiums in south Vancouver four nights a week. There are players aged 19-50 from varying backgrounds and a balance of men and women that are signed up.

The community spirit

Over the years, players have attended special charity games to raise money for causes like Big Brothers Association of Greater Vancouver and The BC Cancer Foundation. Since the league’s inception, the VDL has raised over $54,000. Players have also participated in ocean cleanups and toy drives.

“I would say it’s a living, breathing, amazing community,” said Veronica Woo, a volunteer with the VDL.

Despite a minimum requirement of two women per team, there are also all female teams as well.

As the community has grown, the league has never lost its focus of inclusiveness and giving back.

“This group that we have,” said Truong Cao, one of the six creators of the VDL. “We reach out to the community to help the community with the continued hope of trying to, advance dodgeball in Vancouver and the rest of the world.” The VDL will begin its 27th season in January.



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