Vancouver comedian searches for less censored style of comedy


By Samantha Holomay

BCIT radio student Maria Rivendeneyra says she started doing stand up comedy two years ago to help her relax and destress. Recently she discovered a Vancouver comedy club that offers comedians a chance to participate in a less censored version of stand up.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m super stressed and I like to write and I think writing things in a comedic way makes me feel better,” said Rivendeneyra

The Comedy Ring downtown Vancouver was started by hosts Adrian Joseph and Ravi Khanna almost five years ago. When they noticed there was no other comedy venue in Vancouver providing battle roasting, they decided they would the ones to fill the gap.

“It’s here to help people at any stage of their mental state. If you’re the saddest you’ve ever been the Comedy Ring is a great place to be. If you’re the happiest you’ve ever been it is too,” said Jospeh




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