Presentation gives valuable running tips prior to Vancouver Sun Run


Runners preparing for the Vancouver Sun Run got valuable training tips during a presentation at Langara last week.

The Sun Run draws in thousands of runners of varying ages and experience levels each year from around the world. This year the marathon takes place on April 27. For many entrants, the 10-kilometre trek will be their first timed road race and mistakes can happen during training.

The Langara Run Club co-founder Sam Coutts and another member go for a quick run.

“You don’t want to miss getting to the start line of the Sun Run by overtraining.” said Mark Dawson, Langara communications officer and marathoner. “The general rule is increasing your distance by 10 per cent every week.”

Dawson led the presentation on Feb. 25 on behalf of The Right Shoe store in Kitsilano.

Langara employees and Sun Run hopefuls, Steve Quilala and Harkit Dhillon, attended the workshop to learn about running, footwear, clothing and preventing chafing.

The importance of preventing injuries 

To improve running technique and prevent injuries, Dawson suggested imagining running on hot coals as a way to ensure you are taking shorter strides and landing midfoot.

A key factor to take into consideration when running is finding the right shoes. Feet vary drastically from person to person, so it is best to try different pairs and compare them. If a shoe causes blisters, it’s best to return it and try another option, said Dawson.

If you are experiencing some unpleasant friction on your feet or other body parts, a good way to prevent chafing is to apply an anti-chafing balm like BodyGlide or Vaseline to the affected area, said Dawson.

Helpful tips

Langara Run Club co-founder Sam Coutts will not be running the race, but she has her own tips for entrants.

“If you’re new to it, work towards two to four times a week of longer runs.” Coutts said. “Keep on increasing the distance every week to work out to about eight kilometres the week before.”

Those preparing for the Sun Run and need somebody to train with can join the Langara Run Club in running around the Langara Golf Course Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. and Thursdays and Fridays at 12:30 p.m.

Reported by David La Riviere 



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