Original Picasso paintings unveiled at Oakridge mall

The gallery includes numerous pieces of art that highlight the evolution of Pablo Picasso's work


Reported by Alberto Tufano

Shoppers visiting Oakridge mall this month will be able to browse and purchase the works of Pablo Picasso for the first time at the mall.

Last year, Chali-Rosso Art Gallery partnered with Oakridge centre to showcase works by Salvador Dalì. According to Chali-Rosso’s gallery director, Oree Gianacopoulos, “This year we decided to show Picasso too.”

The combination of both artists was meant to make art accessible and appealing to a wider audience, according to Gianacopoulos.

The exhibit is in the mall’s West gallery, in the same corridor as the Banana Republic and Boys’ Co.

“I cannot believe these are original,” said Mohammad Ghods, a visitor to the mall.

Langara art history instructor, Bruce Hanbury, said buyers must be cautious purchasing art because forgery is, unfortunately, quite common.

“In this crazy art market, scarcity and desirability are what creates value, “said Hanbury.

The gallery knows forgery is an issue. But it says it has implemented a rigorous authentication process which prevents forged artwork from making it into the gallery.

The exhibit will run until Oct. 14.


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