Night jogging provides fitness for people with busy schedules

Evening runs could provide fitness and stress relief for people occupied during the day


Reported by Steven Chang 

The night jogging program at Eastside Fitness in South Vancouver gives new runners an alternative fitness option to better fit their busy schedules.Office worker Beth Ringdahl said she knew she had to stay in better shape after experiencing symptoms of sciatica and was determined to find a fitness schedule that worked.

“If it means leaving a little early to fit in a class. Just knowing that fitness is as important as your work and there’re friends when you get to Eastside Fitness,” Ringdahl said.

Co-founders Wendy Sinclair and Darnelle Moore started Eastside Fitness with the goal to create a friendly fitness community to help people gain confidence and achieve fitness goals.

As a former police officer, Sinclair acknowledges the challenges women encounter with exercising, which includes working full-time, raising children and safety at night.

“Women put themselves third or fourth on the list. Gradually, their health declines in terms of mobility and weight gain,” Sinclair said. “Once you put yourself first, and you make fitness a big priority, everything else comes along.”

Sinclair and Moore are advocates of fitness. Their business model isn’t always about transforming the way people look, but to help people cope with stress through exercising in a positive environment.

“Students definitely have stress. The homework, financial stress and even being away from family,” Sinclair said.

Moore, who leads the night jogging program says it is a great way to get together as a group. Especially for women not willing to run alone at night, and for people unfamiliar to the neighbourhood.

The members of Eastside Fitness described their fitness journey as inspirational of overcoming injuries and obstacles.

“It is amazing to me when somebody doesn’t think they can run five kilometres and they ended up completing the goal. They’re proud of themselves and it gives them the confidence to try new things,” Moore said.









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