New clubs give students choices

Langara Toastmasters club
Langara Toastmasters club

The Langara Toastmasters and the Foodie Club are two of the newest clubs at Langara College, and each are offering unique experiences for students.

The Langara Toastmasters Club is looking to help people improve their public speaking and leadership skills, while the Langara Foodie Club offers an opportunity for students to share their love of food.

Students take advantage

It was Langara student Anna Khalina’s first time speaking at Toastmasters and she was nervous.

“I haven’t gone up because once again I’m terrified. But that’s also why I’m here because it’s so scary. I think in life you have to put yourself towards what you fear the most,” said Khalina.

The organizer, Francois Charette, has been a Toastmaster for three years and he’s found it helpful in overcoming obstacles, especially because English is his second language.

“Three years ago, I can tell you I failed miserably so many times. It feels pretty bad, but I look back now, it’s like good memories,” said Charette.

Jackie Palmer, who moved from Edmonton, looked into all the clubs at Langara and chose the Toastmasters in hopes of “self-growth” and “bettering herself.”

How to get involved

Last Tuesday was the third meeting for the Toastmasters, but the turnout wasn’t as high as it had been in the past. Charette suggested it was because of midterms.

Charette added their next meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 12:30 p.m.

While the Foodie Club may not have regular meetings like the Toastmasters, there was a long list of names that signed up for the club back in September.

Inspiration for the Foodie Club started when founder, Jason Zeng, realized there were lots of academic and cultural clubs, but nothing for food.

Zeng said one of the happiest things in life is enjoying food. He also hoped to bring together students over their mutual love of food.

“I can blend the local students with the international students based on the common interest of food,” he said.

Co-founder Poppy Wu said they are thinking about scheduling club meetings in the future, but in the meantime members can share pictures of the food they love over social media.

Reported by Lauren Collins

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