More job options wanted by students starting careers


Reported by Sasha Zeidler

Shipping and receiving is no longer a sector that students typically look for work as they enter employment. Photograph by Sasha Zeidler

Much like British Columbia’s expanding economy, students are looking outside of natural resources when considering their future jobs.

“They [B.C.] seem to try and really establish a more diverse economy,” said business instructor at the Langara School of Management Deland Jessop. “We’re not completely relying on the resources anymore.”

Students looking at election platform

In the upcoming B.C. election, young people will be paying attention to see what politicians have to say about employment and how this will affect their future. For many, a diverse range of opportunity is what they are looking for.

“Committing all of our resources into a particular area, such as non-renewable energy, in order to get short term benefits is incredibly short-sighted,” said first-year Langara College sociology and religious studies student Léonie Armstrong. “Because that creates a more unstable economy over the long term, and a less adaptable economy.”

Technology sector is fast growing

Jessop said that although natural resources are still the primary job sector in B.C., tech and creative industries are seeing a great

Kristy Carse, a Langara College first-year fine arts student

deal of growth thanks to social media and companies like Hootsuite. He also noted the importance of small businesses in B.C.’s economy.

First-year fine arts student Kristy Carse would like to see the same type of funding small businesses receive, but in the arts world.

“They could do more grants for artists. Maybe in the way of how for a small business, there is an amount of money you get when you open up,” said Carse. “It could sort of be the same thing.”

Opportunity in emerging marijuana sector

With students already being drawn to varying job sectors, Jessop suggests looking out for trends, and remembering that “Wherever there is crisis, there is also a lot of opportunity.”

“If marijuana is legalized for recreational use and medicinal use, even if it’s just medicinal, that’s going to be a massive industry,” he said. “Lots of opportunities for employment as well as creating your own jobs in that space.”

Students are looking for variety, and if B.C. continues to develop it’s current state after these elections, they should have no problem finding it.



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