Cat in the Hat is a ‘Thing’ for Studio 58 grad

Amanda Testini is making a name for herself on the stage and in front of the camera


Reported by Cassandra Osborne

A recent Studio 58 graduate already has a full work schedule, beginning with her first role out of school exploring children’s theatre in a Dr. Seuss classic.

Amanda Testini graduated from Langara College’s theatre program in December. Currently she’s playing the role of “Thing 2” in Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat at Carousel Theatre for Young People.

To Testini, theatre is a medium for empathy which allows strangers to connect and feel compassion for others.

“[Theatre is important] especially in a society where we’re so glued to this,” Testini said tapping on the screen of her iPhone. “To screens, to not smiling to people on the street based off fear. I feel like a lot of people live their lives in fear.”

Raylene Harewood, Testini’s current roommate and fellow Studio 58 graduate, described her as a compassionate and tenacious person.

“She would take on whatever was asked of her and she said yes to everything,” Harewood said. “She was always very positive.”

Testini is a multi-faceted artist. She is a graduate of Capilano University’s musical theatre program and has credits as a dancer, singer and choreographer on her resume. She attended Studio 58 to flesh out her education as an actor.

For actors, transitioning from the stage to film can be a challenge

This summer, Testini will work as an associate film producer, something she’s never done. She is excited to try new things in her career, but has no intention of moving away from theatre.

“This [film] opportunity came to me and it definitely excites me,” Testini said. “But…I don’t feel as strong of an actor on film as in theatre.”

Kathryn Shaw, artistic director of theatre arts at Studio 58, said she thinks Testini has a bright future.

“She was a fantastic student,” Shaw said. “Very motivated and dedicated and clear about what she wanted to get out of her training.”

Testini’s current show, Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, plays until March 26.

The company of Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat at Carousel Theatre for Young People, 2017. Tim Matheson Photo

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