Langara workshops support stressed students

Student Success Workshops are trying to help students manage time this semester


Reported by Darren Amner

Students prepare for finals, Langara is offering workshops that can help deal with anxiety to manage the stress of midterms.  

The workshops are being put on by Langara’s counselling department and will offer tips on a variety of different skills like time management, speed reading, meditation, and memorization.

Michele Bowers, chair of counselling services at Langara suggests many students find the skills taught at the work-study workshops useful. 

“Dealing with anxiety and stress is like going to the gym, it takes time to build new habits,” said Bowers. “With anxiety people are fearful of trying something new even if they know that new thing can be helpful, it’s a tough conundrum.”

Exam season adding stress

When preparing for exams marketing student Phena Hua says her schedule is overwhelming. 

“Two or three exams can come at the same time, so I have to manage my time to make sure I stay on track and study to do as best as I can,” she said. 

Fellow student Kanwaldeep Kaur Sekhon said that she understands that these workshops are helpful for some students, but for her individual face-to-face guidance is the preferred option. 

“You do bad in one or two quizzes and then you think ‘I’m going to screw up again’, and then I do,” said Sekhon. 

Sekhon believes it’s her mindset that has to change, she has found some help by way of counselling and thinks the rest of her progress is up to her. 

International student cope differently

For international students, the stress isn’t just generated from exam anxiety, it’s being far away from home. 

To manage stress, students want to stay busy and try to keep their minds active to avoid thinking about the negative.

Final exam and test anxiety workshops are being held on Nov. 26 and Nov. 27 in the library, room 216.

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