Langara president wants to make Langara ‘the best college in Canada’

Langara's new president takes a moment to talk with students (photo by KK Law)
Langara’s new president takes a moment to talk with students (photo by KK Law)

Langara welcomed its third president Dr. Lane Trotter on Jan. 20, and he couldn’t be happier about his new job and the challenges it will bring.

“As of day five, everything that led me to make the decision after I was offered the position, and even applying for the position, has been reinforced,” said Trotter. “I made the right decision in accepting the position to become Langara’s president, and I feel so privileged and honoured to be here.”

‘The best college in Canada’

He is still very new to the job, but it’s clear that an energetic Trotter has high hopes for the college.

“What I would like to see Langara be is the best college in Canada,” he said. “It might take five or ten years, but I want people across the country to know who Langara College is.”

He knows it’s a big goal, but with more than 22 years of work experience in the higher education sector, Trotter may have the skills needed to accomplish it.

Loss of funding

In his final letter as interim president before returning to his previous position as vice-president of administration and finance and chief financial officer, Roy Daykin suggested that one of the challenges facing Langara is a loss of funding.

Trotter was unable to comment on specifics, but did recognize the ongoing challenges faced by both colleges and governments to meet the budgetary needs of post-secondary institutions.

For now, Trotter is focused on learning what drives Langara’s community.

Getting to know the people

“My first period of time here is getting to understand culture, getting to understand the people,” he said. “What are their aspirations and goals for the organization? What are the students’ aspirations and goals?”

“That’s what I’m trying to do with all of the people I’m meeting – is to understand the college through their lens.”

Reported by Ben Zutter

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