Langara an attractive destination for international students


Langara is becoming a more attractive destination for international students wanting to study in Canada.

The number of international students at Langara has increased by 63 per cent since 2004, rising from 609 international students to 994 in 2013.

The Harper government recently introduced a plan to double the amount of international students in Canada by 2022. B.C.’s government introduced a plan in 2012 to increase the number of international students by 50 per cent by 2016.

Higher tuition fees

The higher tuition international students pay is good for Canadian colleges and universities, but according to Ian Humphreys, Langara’s vice-president of enrolment and business development, that’s not Langara’s main goal.

Ian Humphreys, Langara’s vice-president of enrolment and business development

Langara’s vice-president of enrolment and business development

“There’s no denying that from a Canadian perspective, international students are a huge contributor to the economy,” Humphreys said. “Having said that . . . that isn’t really the key here.”

Humphreys thinks the opportunity to pursue education overseas is important for both Canadian and international students.

Desirable place to live

Langara attracts international students through international marketing, but Humphreys said Langara’s location makes it a prime choice for students.

“It helps to be in one of the most beautiful and desirable places to live in in the world,” he said.

Humphreys also said the option to go to UBC after two years at Langara is appealing.

“It’s a small place and I can get adjusted to it better,” said Garima Shrestha, a commerce and business student. “Since I’m an international student I won’t be too overwhelmed.”

Helping international students settle in

Langara offers various resources such as Homestay and Langara English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) to help international students feel more comfortable going to school in Canada.

Sociology student, Abby Feng, says that Langara’s Homestay program has made being an international student much easier for her.

“They arranged a place for me . . . and I really like it there, they help me a lot,” Feng said.

Langara is keeping up with the increasing volume of international students by bringing in more teachers and adding  more classes.

Reported by Ashley Legassic

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