Langara library sees dramatic increase in e-book collection

Staff say electronic material has now overtaken the number of paper books at the library


By Chelsea Powrie and Cheryl Whiting

Electronic resources now far exceed the number of physical books at Langara College’s library, due to being cost-effective and taking up no space.

Ryan Vernon, the coordinator for technical services at the library, said he thinks the change reflects students’ needs, too.

“It really depends on the student, but generally I think students prefer print books and electronic journals,” Vernon said.

Jasmine Brer, a health sciences student at Langara, loves the ease and accessibility of downloading an electronic resource.

“Our instructors sometimes put the links on D2L,” Brer said. “It bothers me little bit to read everything on a screen … but being environmentally friendly is good.”

Some students still prefer a physical book, though.

“I prefer the textbook. I just feel like it’s easier to sink into your brain. And you can also write in any notes on the side,” said Danielle Carrie, a political sciences student. “I feel like it’s so much harder to connect with an e-book.”

Check out our video where editor Cheryl Whiting speaks to Ryan Vernon about e-books at the Langara Library

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