Early Christmas celebrations spark up conversation

With Christmas festivities such as the Vancouver Christmas Market opening up a few days ago, some locals shared whether or not late November is too early to begin celebrating the holiday.

The Vancouver Christmas Market opened up on Nov. 22 and has gotten significant foot traffic thus far. Photo by Jason Gilder

Reported by Trevor Nault

The Vancouver Christmas Market at Jack Poole Plaza opened its gates on Nov. 22, and many are already getting a taste of the German-inspired market. The aromas of fresh chocolate and the sounds of classic Christmas carols are flowing through the Waterfront air.

With December just days away, some Vancouver residents are pleased with the holiday festivities already kicking off, but some locals feel late November is still too early for celebrations to begin.

In this video, market visitors Josie Sykes, Marlee Gordon, Terry Field, and vendor Jordan MacDonald share their thoughts on how early is too early for Christmas festivities to begin.



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