Langara College students disinterested in school vendors

The vendors come to the college, however most students aren't buying


Reported by Natalia Buendia

The students at Langara College are not interested in buying the products offered by the temporary vendors in the foyer of Building A, but the vendors say their sales are high this season and they are happy to return to the college next semester.

In the following video, The Voice interviews students and vendors about their experiences and opinions on selling or buying products in the Building A corridor of Langara College.

Crowds of students and staff walk by everyday where the vendors display products such as jewellery, bedding, clothes, electronic accessories and plants.

While some students do not find the products in this corridor appealing, other students buy holiday gifts with the jewellery vendors near the cafeteria.

Regardless of whether their sales are high or low, they are all happy with the Langara environment.


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