Voice Radio Ep. 29 – College and career in a new age

In a changing world, people are rethinking career paths


By Christi Walter and Jan Bevilacqua

The world is changing rapidly, leaving people uncertain about the future. This episode takes on career options; whether there are shortcuts, and what up-and-coming jobs are being left unconsidered.

As many job sectors are growing in demand, some wonder if the idea of college is the best pathway to a desired career.

There are outliers who try to take unconventional routes. There are also benefits to college that may go unnoticed. Christi Walter explores whether college is still the best option, and whether it is worth the debt it can incur.

There are some jobs that go unnoticed but are critical to the functioning of society. Supply chain management and care for seniors are both job sectors whose relevance has been highlighted over the last few years. Jan Bevilacqua examines Langara’s enrolment trends around both of these programs.


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