Voice Radio Ep. 28 – Anxiety is affecting all, including pets

Students and pet owners are coming up with ways to deal with stress and anxiety in this unprecedented time


By Sena Law and Tessa Bartholomeusz

 As we enter a post-pandemic era and life slowly returns to what we knew it to be, the feeling of anxiety is inevitable. The theme of this podcast is anxiety as Sena Law and Tessa Bartholomeusz discuss the anxiety and stress that people and animals have been facing, and some ways to deal with these negative feelings.

New pet owners and their pets that were adopted as companions during the pandemic experience anxiety when a new routine of returning to school or work separates them. 

A Langara student who sought comfort in a new kitten expresses the anxiety about leaving her cat Misty home alone during the day while attending in-person classes. 

Animals are social creatures just like humans. If they are left alone for long periods of the day, they can suffer from separation anxiety that can manifest into behavioural problems. Leah Hargreaves from SPCA said that pets owners planning to return to work or school should gradually get the pet used to their absence in increments over an extended period. 

Jorge Posada general manager of Dog Town advises that training for the owner and the pet is essential for a healthier transition and pet-owner relationship. 

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, more commonly known as ASMR content has taken over the internet by storm and some students at Langara College have turned to these unusual videos for stress and anxiety relief. 

ASMR is the tingling sensation that is stimulated during moments of positive, personal attention. Vancouver content creator John Egan discusses his personal journey with ASMR and starting his ASMR YouTube channel. Langara students share their experiences consuming ASMR content and the benefits they have received from it in the midst of a stressful school year.  

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