Acting alum offers lessons to current class

Luke Camilleri graduated in 2008, and has been working in the Vancouver film industry in the decade since leaving college


Reported by Joshua Rey

Luke Camilleri is a working actor in Vancouver who always remembers his time with Studio 58 at Langara College.

Since graduating in 2008, Camilleri has appeared in film and TV shows such as Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Supernatural and The Crossing.

Studio 58 is known for being a tough program, but Camilleri said it prepared him well for an industry famous for being tough to break into.

“It was a very thorough program and I had a positive experience,” Camilleri said. “I remember being taught by Kathryn Shaw the most. She is a theatre legend and she’s intimidating, but that was a good thing.”

Remembered by his instructors

David Hudgins, the acting artistic director, remembered Camilleri fondly.

“He was a fantastic student that was always great,” Hudgins said. “I remember directing him in a play called Guys and Dolls where he played Sky Masterson. You could feel his stage presence, and I knew he was destined to be a leading man.”

The hardest part for Camilleri was the transition from theatre to film acting because preparing for a role is different.

“Going into film from theatre was tough,” said Camilleri.  “In theatre, it takes weeks to prepare for a role because you really got to step into the character’s shoes. In film, there wasn’t much rehearsal and you only had a day or two to step into the character’s shoes.”

Giving back

Camilleri, who offered tips to actors hoping to make it after school, has posted three online audio clips offering a variety of real-life tips he is happy to provide for future Studio 58 grads.

Camilleri suggests that students should journal, keep their beginners-mind, have fun and make sure they don’t take things too seriously.

He said personally, he has always been able to rely on Langara faculty and his former classmates for support.

“It is like a family and you can always rely on them for tips.”

Camilleri’s tips
The beginner’s mind
Have fun

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