Millennials are leading the technology job market

Technology industry gets a boost from young employees who grew up in digital age


Reported by Kristian Trevena

The technology workforce in B.C. is thriving, largely thanks to millennials who have been surrounded by tech from a young age, according to one software development manager.

Millennials, anyone born between 1981 and 1996, make up a large portion of technology-based jobs, which make up about five per cent of B.C.’s total workforce.

A main reason why millennials pursue careers in technology has to do with the way they were raised in an environment saturated with technology, said Jordan Rieger, a software development manager at and special industry guest at the Feb. 28 Tech Thursdays event, a monthly Langara session about careers in technology.

Video games are valuable

“You can’t discount the impact of computer games” Rieger said, adding that the habits of fixing up and tinkering with these games lead millennials to learn more about their computers and how to make them run better.

The technology industry is booming, but many employers are looking for candidates with a good deal of experience, something new graduates often lack, said Ryan White, a video game developer at Kabam in Vancouver.

Tech jobs require more than just technical skills

But tech companies are looking for more than just computer smarts, said Raymond Chow, who coordinates Langara’s web technology program. Many companies also want to see social skills and how candidates will fit in with company culture.

“A lot of technology jobs out there require a good sense of teamwork and collaboration,” Chow said.

That said, millennials sometimes face the challenge of youth and inexperience, White said.

“Tech companies always want more experienced and more senior people, but people can’t get that experience unless someone actually hires them,” he said.

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