Writing this headline is STRESSING US OUT

Recent study reveals 60% of students feel above average stress at exam time


By Steven Chang and Maxim Fossey

Some students at Langara say that exams are a major point of stress in their lives and they said that coping with that stress can lead to negative behaviours.

Students interviewed by The Voice said that over eating and cramming their studying at the last minute are common habits they tend to develop during the final exam period.

The American College Health Association released survey results from 58 Canadian post-secondary institutions. Their data shows 60% of students feel above average or tremendous stress.  

Second-year Computer Science student, Fraser Moore said his stress levels rise when it comes to exams times and despite knowing that eating healthier is better he just doesn’t do it as well as he should.

“I eat a little less well for a person you would expect to be at its peak in university,” Moore said.

Sandy Kirkwood, a counsellor at Sutherland Secondary school, said the key to maintain healthy habits throughout the exam period is to create a routine of good habits during the the semester such as getting enough sleep and to eat nutritious foods. She said this can help those dealing with mental illness as well.

“Self-care is especially important for students living with mental illnesses like anxiety or depression,” Kirkwood said.

Arshaan Barn, a second-year business student, said he still struggles with bad sleeping and eating habits that tend to employ stress, as a result he crams the night before.

“The day before every exam I just cram until two or three in the morning and then I have to wake up at eight,” Barn said.

Second-year business and commerce student, Drasika Pahwa like many international students, lives far away from family. She and her friends said  as an international student, you are prone to feelings of homesickness. A simple phone call to family and friends can pick relieve some loneliness.

“If you’re feeling stressed about everything in your life, look for happiness, look for reasons to be happy. I call my friends when I’m sad, and I feel better within 10 minutes,” Pahwa said.


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