Voice Radio Ep. 49 – Drastic spike in international student enrolment

58 per cent upsurge in international student enrolment, 27 per cent decline in domestic student enrolment



This is an insightful podcast that delves into the transformative enrolment trends experienced by Langara College during the 2021-2022 academic year. This period witnessed an exceptional 58 per cent  upsurge in international student enrolment, while concurrently observing a substantial 27 per cent decline in domestic student numbers. This stark juxtaposition has ignited intense conversations within the college community, raising profound questions and concerns. 

The episode navigates through the delicate terrain of describing international students as “cash cows.” This controversial term has garnered widespread attention and has catalysed discussions regarding the financial intricacies intertwined with this enrolment trend.

The podcast carefully dissects the data underpinning these trends, exploring the factors and catalysts responsible for such significant shifts. It investigates into the financial implications of this evolving dynamic, shedding light on the multifaceted dimensions of calling international students “cash cows.” 

We will examine the inner workings of Langara College’s enrolment dynamics and the profound implications they hold within the broader landscape of higher education. By addressing these shifts, The podcast provides a comprehensive exploration of the evolving global campus and its impact on both domestic and international students.  

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