Voice Radio Ep. 38 – Latino community enriches Vancouver

Immigrants from the Americas came looking for a better life


By Juan Ramirez Restrepo, Samantha Holomay, Christopher Harcourt and River Huckleberry Kero


Life in Latin American countries can get difficult so some Latinos flee their countries looking for a better future. Violence and political persecution are among some of the common reason why Latinos leave their homes.

Once they arrive as newcomers, like can get difficult as they face a new culture, a new language and an entire way of living.

The fact that they can find part of their culture in the place where they immigrate can help them to make the settlement process easier.

In this episode, we will talk about the rapid expansion of Latino immigration in Vancouver, Latino clubs and the growth of Latin American culture in Vancouver.

Photos by: Christopher Harcourt. Slideshow by: Kalvin Moses.

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