Voice Podcast 13: Langara students unaware of campus election


Produced by Rica Talay

As the polls open up for the Langara Students’ Union election this week, Langara students are aware of the issues around campus but not the election itself.

There are 21 candidates running for this semester and voting polls are open from Oct.10 to 13.

In this podcast students voice the issues they run into on campus daily from not having enough places to study, the lack of microwaves and not enough parking spaces.

Students also talk about how they are so busy with their own social lives and schoolwork they don’t even have time to vote.

We also speak to one of the Education Council’s student representative, Gurlal Singh, who talks about the issues he’s heard about as a student representative and as to why the lack of knowledge on student government is a problem.

The final election results will be posted on Oct.16 at the LSU office and on their website.

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