Vancouver Art Book Fair helps cut costs for art lovers

It's the largest running event of its type in Canada


Reported by Lisa Tanh

Web and print media collided during the Vancouver Art Book Fair this weekend, slashing production and shipping costs.

Free and open to the public, the multi-day festival consists of everything from books, magazines, and other experimental forms of publication from across Canada and the globe. VABF was held at the Vancouver Art Gallery between Oct. 13-15. 

It is the longest-running international art book fair in Canada and attracted thousands of Vancouverites over the weekend.

“I am really big on accessible art because I view art as ideas and sharing critical thinking by engaging with works, visually or physically, [in a gallery setting] it should be free,” said Sylvana d’Angelo, a graphic designer, board member and next year’s art director for the VAG.

d’Angelo says her latest website and publication project, Spiritual Pilgrimage 2018 consists of images by participating artists from Vancouver and Seoul, South Korea. The full content can only be seen after printing­ as a zine. 

Spiritual Pilgrimage 2018 launched at the fair and will be shown in 2018 at Unlimited Edition, an art book fair in Seoul, South Korea.

d’Angelo says another exhibitor, Decoy Magazine, based in Vancouver is using a ‘fresh approach” to web and print as well.

 “We have seven artists that we’re working with who are part of the digital art subscription that we do.Normally, people only see the artworks by getting an email attachment, but instead we’re working with artists to get digital work shown physically. So, it’ll be things like GIFs, MP4s, JPEGs –– that kind of thing,” says Lauren Marsden, editor at Decoy Magazine.

Decoy Magazine will have their first physical exhibition, The Channelers, at EMMEDIA, a gallery and production society from Feb. 2 – Mar. 3, 2018 in Calgary.

The book fair is a one stop shop

Marta Ribas, a book fair attendee, says that she liked seeing “a lot of things together in one space.”

“I think that’s the most valuable thing about this book fair. You can just come here rather than just go to a bookstore and than online,” Ribas said.

d’Angelo says that as the gallery’s upcoming art director, she plans to explore web and print media in a grander scale.

“My favourite part about print is having something I can hold, and my favourite part about web is that you can easily share it. So, I’m trying to explore projects like that,” d’Angelo said.

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