TransLink says commuters will have to wait until 2018 for more buses on 100 route

Big spike in pass ups on 100 route prompts action by the Crown corporation


Reported by Trevor Nault

Frustrated commuters on the 100 bus route who experience multiple pass ups shouldn’t expect changes in service until Sept. 2018, according to a spokesperson for TransLink.

Although there was the biggest transportation upgrade in a decade over this summer, the 100 has yet to receive additional service, according Chris Bryan, senior media relations advisor for TransLink. In August, the bus had one of its lowest pass up rates in 2017 with 388 pass up events, but then that number grew to 883 in September.

Kaysha George, who works at the Lush manufacturing distribution centre, said she experiences pass ups or late buses almost every day.

“I don’t always get passed up. A lot of the time they just don’t show up, or they’re like 25 minutes late,” she said. “Every day, after a long day at work, or groceries, I get to stand for 45 minutes, if I get on the bus.”

TransLink plans on expanding bus services

Bryan said TransLink is aware of the problems with the 100, and that it is in the top 10 per cent of buses with overcrowding.

“The 100 22nd Street Station [to] Marpole Loop is one of the fastest-growing routes in the region,” said Bryan in an email. “Relief is on the way for the 100. In September 2018, we are adding an additional 1-2 trips per hour during the morning and afternoon peak.”

Mohammed Khan, a temporary worker with Labour Unlimited, said TransLink needs to do something about service on the 100 before September 2018.

“That’s too late, we need them now. We need better service,” Khan said. “A lot of us in this area depend on the 100 to use the SkyTrain or to take a link from the Marpole area to continue on. What they need to do is add more buses to the 100 line.”

Source: Chris Bryan, TransLink
Senior Media Relations Advisor

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