Three Studio 58 alumni join to make film for VIFF

Motion 58 premier movie in their hometown


Reported by Allison Hayes

After premiering their film Public Schooled at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival, two Studio 58 alumni attribute their success to their unique rapport.

Producer and screenwriter Josh Epstein and director Kyle Rideout both graduated from Studio 58 in 2004. The two then formed the production company Motion 58 after they attended a theatre tour put on by Studio 58. This relationship between the two has led to four productions including Public Schooled.

Notable stars featured in the movie

The film stars notable actors like Judy Greer and Russell Peters, the film is about a teen yearning to break away from his overbearing home schooled mother, played by Greer, to pursue his love for a girl with one-leg.

Epstein says their successful duo was formed while they were attending Studio 58 at Langara College.

“We have a sort of writing, producing, directing chemistry and it’s usually very rare to have that,” Epstein said. “I think a lot of partnerships are formed at Studio 58, a lot of companies have come out of that school”.

Rideout and Epstein aren’t the only Studio 58 graduates who took part in the film, as 2014 graduate Daniel Doheny plays the main role of Liam in the film.

Doheny met the duo when he attended a workshop at Studio 58, but never thought he would be a part of one of their productions.

“When I was at Studio 58 Kyle and Josh had taught a workshop at school, they did a bunch of scenes from the movie,” Doheny said. “I had been hovering around the project but I didn’t know I would be so involved.”

Alumni excited to have movie play in Vancouver

Both Rideout and Epstein were excited when their film premiered Oct. 2 at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver.

“It’s like your home court, playing at the Rio is fantastic. So many people and familiar faces is the best crowd to play for,” Rideout said.

After VIFF the duo plans to continue touring the film at film festivals across North America.



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