Rise in international students balanced by decline in domestic students

Ajay Patel, Dean of International Education at Langara. Photo by Renee Sutton
Ajay Patel, Dean of International Education at Langara.
Photo by Renee Sutton

Despite an increase in international students at Langara, no additional infrastructure will be needed due to a decrease in domestic students.

“Over the last three years there has actually been a small decline in student population numbers… we’ve seen a decline of about 300 full-time equivalents in terms of our domestic student population,” Ian Humphreys, vice-president of enrolment and business development at Langara, said.

Difference in domestic and international enrollment

Since the fall semester of 2011, Langara’s international student population has gone up 23 per cent, but the total number of students at the college has decreased two per cent due to the decline in domestic students.

Therefore, even as international student numbers rise, no additional classrooms are needed.

Ajay Patel, dean of international education, said Langara would have the flexibility for a larger capacity if needed, with solutions such as online and night classes.

International students make up around ten per cent of the student body at Langara. In the fall of 2013 there were 994 international students enrolled compared to 8,450 domestic students.

Langara also won’t require additional instructors specifically due to the rise in international students, as the number of faculty are based on the number of course sections in demand.

Langara ready for a larger student body

Humphreys said if there was a rise in capacity, more course sections would be needed but international students would only be a part of the increase in capacity and not a main contributing factor.

As part of B.C.’s International Education Strategy, Langara plans to increase international student enrolment by 50 per cent between 2012 and 2016.

The strategy aims to bring an additional 47,000 international students to B.C. during those four years, and provide opportunities for B.C. students to study abroad.


Reported by Renee Sutton

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