Photos: Raincouver is back, wetter than ever



By Joyce Liew, Seth Forward, Emma Shular, Clarissa Kurniawan & Samantha Holomay

It’s called Raincouver because you can’t hide the truth. The wet weather in Vancouver is  back, but that’s not stopping Vancouverites from going about their days. In downtown Vancouver people were seen embracing the cold weather by taking the bus, bicycling, and getting their jobs done despite the rain.


Vancouver doesn’t have puddles, just mostly small lakes but it’s nothing that a solid pair of rainboots can’t fix. As effective as you may think your rain dance is, Vancouver’s weather patterns are unpredictable. However it’s comforting to remember that rainy days just make you thankful for the sunny ones.


It’s the time of the year when cherry blossoms flower with the April showers. Photo by Emma Shular.
Langara student walking n the rain by the cherry blossoms. Photo by Emma Shular.


Vancouverite embrace the April showers and the cherry blossom season. Photo: Joyce Liew


When flowers bloom, some people with pollen allergies sneeze, hachoo. Photo: Seth Forward


People are still strolling around despite the rain. Photo: Seth Forward


The rain does not stop Vancouverites from commuting by bike. Photo: Joyce Liew


No matter rain or shine – you still have a job to do. Photo: Joyce Liew

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