Langara student launches clothing line to combat fast fashion

Natalie Hellyar makes clothing out of natural materials like hemp and linen


Produced by Roxanne Egan-Elliott

Sustainability is at the core of everything Natalie Hellyar does for her new clothing line Arraei Collective.

“There’s a problem with the consumer idea of buying, buying, buying,” Hellyar said. “What I really wanted to do was make things that was sustainable but also long-lasting.”

She has created a fashion collection made entirely of natural materials that have sustainability certifications. Her pieces are mostly 100% hemp, and use some linen and silk as well.

“I really feel like hemp is a beautiful fabric and it’s so natural and it’s so easy to keep forever, if it’s made well,” she said.

Hellyar has found that consumers are willing to pay more for garments that are sustainably made.

“It’s an added bonus,” she said.

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