Langara men’s basketball team wins big during study season

The basketball team leaves for winter break with optimism


By Henri Ngimbis

The Langara Falcons show a high scoring performance by beating Columbia Bible College with a 32 point difference at home on Nov. 23, 2019.

Last Saturday was the last basketball game of the term for the Falcons before their inter semester break. The Falcons won the game with a final score of 115-83.

“It was a big win for us, we were tied with that team. We had a tough loss last week so it’s very good for our confidence, our boys played very well today,” said head coach Paul Eberhardt on a postgame interview with The Voice.

Always looking for improvement

Eberhardt said that the team has 11 new players on the roster, which is very rare for a team to have that many.

“With 11 returning guys, I think the guys are starting to know each other a bit better now. So I’m pleased that our chemistry has gotten quite good,” Eberhardt said.

Eberhardt said that he’d like to improve on his team’s defense after the inter semester break.

“We have moments where we give up too many easy baskets, we don’t defend as well. That’s something that’s going to be a point for emphasis to get ready for January,” said Eberhardt.

Student athletes to focus on exams

Luka Lizdek, Falcons guard, largely contributed to his team victory with 29 points. He said he got his own little taste of exam stress by staying at the University of Ottawa for two years prior coming to Langara.

“I come here and try to organize my school work first. We’re going to get ready ahead of December. We have the whole December off and we’re going to try and win the league for sure,” Lizdek said.

Assistant coach Joey Dhillon said that the staff doesn’t put any pressure on players to prepare for the competition, because they know that players have exams coming up.

“We just try and keep everything simple for them, especially with exams coming up. There’s a reward after this game, just go hard, enjoy this game and after that it’s all about school,” Dhillon said.

Ronan Reid, Falcons forward, said that he’s been able to balance athletics and education thanks to some of his older senior years.

“I’ve always tried to balance with my classes and make sure I’m on top of it.”


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