Langara Hangout group inspires social activities among students

Amir Yousefi and Patrick Tam members of the Langara Hangout group on campus.
Amir Yousefi and Patrick Tam members of the Langara Hangout group on campus.

Between juggling lectures, exams and extracurricular activities, building connections at a new school can be tough – that’s why Langara student Patrick Tam created the Langara Hangout group, a Facebook group where students can make friends in an informal environment.

“Some people think we are here to study, go to school and that’s it,” he said.

So far the group has nearly 100 members, and students at UBC have already reached out to the group to plan a joint event.

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Tam said his idea originated from reading students’ complaints on the Langara Confessions Facebook page saying that it is hard to make friends at school.

“I’m hoping that people can just have fun,” he said. “I don’t want something that is formal. Formality might repel people. I think people just want to go on to Facebook, see that there is an event and go check it out.”

Vancouver’s social scene 

Tam said he is not sure why it’s so hard to make friends at Langara but speculates that it may have to do with the social environment of Vancouver.

“I think it’s a problem with the city, not just the school,” Tam said.

Mahalia Nahanee, administrator of the group, said she hopes it will provide a comfortable environment for students to make new connections.

“I feel like friendships that you can make in college can help build your career,” she said. “We spent a lot of time here. We might as well make friends.”

Nahanee said UBC reached out to the group in hopes of teaming up to do a paintball event.

Tam said he hopes the group will continue even after he graduates.

Reported by Ali Crane 

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