Studying Abroad a Desirable and Expensive Endeavour

According to Langara College students, studying in another country on an exchange program sounds like a fun, but almost unattainable prospect due to high fees.


Reported by Amanda Poole

According to Langara College students, studying abroad is a highly attractive prospect that present various challenges, namely the cost of travel.

This year alone, Langara College is offering seven different field study programs.

Students would like to travel abroad, but are facing financial barriers

Jan Mariano, business and commerce student said, although studying abroad would be very beneficial in relation to his interest of international relations, the only things stopping him from going is the cost and the potential time conflict.

“It is worth it because you get to experience a new place and you get to learn more about yourself. It would be a fun trip,” Mariano said.

Langara College in Singapore to Discuss Student Mobility

Ajay Patel, Vice President of external development at Langara College’s International Education is currently visiting Singapore to discuss the trends on student mobility degree programs which encourage students to study internationally.

Langara Communications and Marketing Manager Travis Smith said, the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) conference brings together international education policy-makers, practitioners and experts from the Southeast Asia region and across the world.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to network, receive professional development, and learn about new developments and best practices in international education,” he said.

“Participants are able to develop a first-hand understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in foreign markets by sharing with their peers – gaining insights and market intelligence and meeting other academic institutions.”

Especially expensive for students who have already travelled to Canada to study

Manbinder Kaur, 17, who travelled to Canada alone to study computer sciences at Langara said, as desirable as studying abroad appears to be, she feels she has already spent enough money to move here, let alone pay for additional studies abroad.

“Fees are more, every international student pays three times extra so it is difficult to maintain fees and then pay for additional studies,” Kaur said.

Additional topics held at the APAIE conference is the forecasted growth and the impact it’s had on the number of international students in Canada over the past decade.

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