Langara College celebrates International Education Week

A kendo demonstration on campus on Nov. 19 recognizes traditional Japanese culture. Photo by Kayla Isomura
A kendo demonstration on campus on Nov. 19 recognizes traditional Japanese culture.
Photo by Kayla Isomura

Langara students and staff will come together tomorrow at the college to celebrate International Education Week.

Throughout the day, students will be able to explore different customs and opportunities to study abroad. The fair will be held in the A building foyer.

“It will be celebrating Langara, local and global,” said Brad Van Dam, Langara international student coordinator.

Van Dam said multicultural clubs and services on campus will be exhibited at the fair, as well as information to study abroad.

“There will be different exhibitors, food samples, other performances and a welcome address from the Musqueam Nation,” he said.

Other events to celebrate the week

As part of International Education Week, the library is also hosting a series of international films. Thursday and Friday, the library will be featuring films with themes of love and travel.

The cafeteria has been serving up a variety of international and cultural cuisines this week. With Mexican, Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian and Thai cuisines being enjoyed by students.

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Brad Van Dam, international student coordinator at Langara College.
Photo by Kayla Isomura

Van Dam said it’s important to recognize international education because of the diverse backgrounds of students at the college and the surrounding area.

“I think every time a person travels, their mind becomes open and we are so lucky to live in Vancouver where there is such a diversity in cultures,” he said.

Tuesday and Wednesday, students watched a variety of cultural performances in the main foyer of the school.

Aaron Lev is an Asian Studies student on campus. He watched kendo and capoeira performances on Tuesday, which he found to be a positive way to demonstrate different cultures.

Diversity on campus

“I think that there’s a lot of multiculturalism on campus,” said Lev. “I don’t think that there’s a lot of events that coherently tie it all together.”

“There could be a lot better job done doing that more, but for the most part, considering how busy students are these last two weeks of school, it’s pretty good.”

Lev said international groups are “a big part of Canada,” which is one reason to acknowledge this week but “[international students] also pay a good portion of our tuition.”

Overall, Lev enjoys seeing multiculturalism on campus.

The International Education Week fair will take place on Nov. 21 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Reported by Kelci Nicodemus and Kayla Isomura


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