Langara basketball teams staying positive for upcoming season

While the men focus on a VIU rivalry, the women are focusing on forming bonds between new and old players


Reported by Allison Hayes

This season, Langara’s men’s basketball team plans for another triumphant season while the women’s team continue to brew chemistry among their players.

Men’s VIU rivalry

The men’s team is off to a middling start for their 2017-18 season with three wins and three loses in their exhibition gaames. Last year, the men’s team finished second place in their PacWest division with a 14-4 record.

Head coach Paul Eberhardt, who will be looking to win the division this time around, said the seniority of many players gives the team an upper hand.

“The past five years it’s basically been us and Vancouver Island University, we won the PacWest twice, they won it three times,” Eberhardt said. “It definitely helps when you have guys that have played in the league a couple of years.”

While the men continue their rivalry with VIU, the women’s team is working on forming a bond between new and veteran players before the start of any action this season.

Bonding the women

Last year, Langara’s women finished second last in their 2016-17 season with a record of 6-12.

Women’s head coach Winston Brown, said the team will face having deal with new players this season.

“Getting the new players up to speed, finding our new identities, anytime you bring in five new athletes in an environment the chemistry changes things,” said Brown. “It becomes a new entity, really figuring out who we are now, that will also help some more games to go with it.”

As the women’s current focus is creating a bond between the new players, former captain Haylee Robertson who originally wasn’t going to play this year has decided to return for a final season.

“This year we have more of a balance of returning players and are experienced in the league and have a lot more years under their belt,” said Robertson. “I want to get better and help the team. With that comes working hard and putting everything I have into this.”

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