Just Film Festival brings social justice films to Langara

Erin Mullan, Just Film Festival Coordinator. Photo by David La Riviere
Erin Mullan, Just Film Festival Coordinator.
Photo by David La Riviere

Langara will host B.C.’s largest social justice film festival, Feb. 28 to March 2.

The Just Film Festival—formerly known as the Vancouver World Community Film Festival—is part of the Canada-wide World Community Film Festival and has been exhibiting social justice and environmental activist documentaries from around the globe for the past 12 years.

Langara gets time to shine

Along with the more than 40 professional films, the two-day festival also hosts the Langara Student Film Festival, where a number of students in Langara’s documentary film program get to display their own short films to the festival audience.

One of the feature professional films is the Vancouver premier of We Can’t Eat Gold, a documentary set in Alaska about indigenous resistance to a gold mine that would compromise the salmon runs that have sustained their people for generations.

Films to inspire change

The aim of the festival is to bring light to local and global issues and to inspire the audience to make change in their own communities.

“For people who are already activists it’s a bit of a battery recharger,” festival co-ordinator Erin Mullan said. “So you get to connect with other organizations, you get to see in the films what other communities are doing—individual communities around the world—facing similar issues.”

The name of the festival was changed last year during reorganization when Amnesty International and Village Vancouver came on board.

Village Vancouver’s goal is to encourage neighbourhoods and individuals to “build resilient and sustainable communities” and have a fun time doing it, according to the Village Vancouver website.

“It’s people doing community level responses to things like climate change,” said Village Vancouver founder Ross Moster. “Really it’s about connecting people and their communities.”


Reported by David La Riviere

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